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Not many people realize that unwanted electronic and electrical waste disposed of in the trash can be recycled and turned into riches that produce minerals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum.

And the media, Ahmed Al-Shugairi, monitored, through the “Seen” program broadcast on the “MBC1” channel, today (Friday), how the process of recycling electronic and electrical devices is carried out in homes and companies through the National Environmental Recycling Company. , specialized in the field of recycling electronic devices.

The company’s managing director, Nasser Al-Dhueb, said that everything in the home can be recycled, such as mobile phones, computers, fingerprint devices, and others.

Al-Shukairy pointed out that there are more than 3 million electricity meters that produce plastic, aluminum, copper and iron, adding that air conditioners are recycled more than two thousand tons annually.

One ​​of the company’s employees explained that the recycling process begins with sorting, as large pieces of equipment enter the furnace stage, pointing out that after sorting, the plastic is separated from other metals, stressing that the recycling companies compete with the mines. Because the mineral was originally extracted from the mine.

Al-Shukairy pointed out that the waste that comes out of these devices is wealth, explaining that the remains of these devices that turn into gold ingots are exported to Japan and Belgium, and copper is exported to countries such as Germany and Poland, while aluminum is It is exported to India and South Korea.

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