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It is an economic system that aims to end the waste and continuous use of resources, to support using products, equipment, and infrastructure for a more extended period, and thus to improve the productivity of these resources, and all “waste” must become “food” for another process.

The role of Tadweeer in the circular economy:

Tadweeer Company has recycled more than 100,000 tons of electronic and electrical waste over five years. Speaking of the company’s production capacity, it started at 15,000 tons per year. We aim to raise it to 45,000 tons in the current year 2021 AD, then to More than 128 thousand tons by 2025, “Tadweeer” seeks to grow the volume of its investments in this field to nearly 70 million riyals in developing the plant and production lines, knowing that the company possesses advanced technologies that rely on artificial intelligence in the sorting and separation of materials.

At Tadweeer, we work on the latest technologies in recycling electronic and electrical devices, using the best-qualified expertise in this field. We follow the highest quality and safety standards, as the process is carried out by international means for recycling to protect the environment and achieve human security. Besides, all data and information stored on these devices are destroyed through the recycling process. Therefore, they cannot be recovered, which protects the confidentiality of information for individuals and organizations.

Electronic waste poses a threat to human health and safety because it has toxic substances that harm human health and the environment.

Because electronic and electrical waste has many harmful chemical elements, “Tadweeer” launched its community initiative through the “Your Turn It Turns” service. This initiative aims to recycle damaged electronic and electrical waste from the community at no cost; then recycle it in a way that makes the environment safe.